"about me" questionnaire thing:

***disclaimer: for privacy reasons, i will not be disclosing personal details such as my/my friends' name(s), address(es), phone number(s), email(s), etc.***

  1. "what is your zodiac sign?" taurus, although i don't think it's very acurrate.
  2. "how old are you?" i'm currently 19 years old.
  3. "favourite author/book?" my favourite novel is "extremely loud & incredibly close" by jonathan safran foer.
  4. "do you play any videogames?" sometimes. i enjoy earthbound, legend of zelda, and kingdom hearts.
  5. "favourite word?" "raw."
  6. "what is your worst quality?" i'm always in my head.
  7. "what is your best quality?" i'm very understanding.
  8. "what is something you miss from childhood?" being close with my older brother.
  9. "who is your best friend?" i've known him since we were around 9 or 10 years old, but we didn't get close until freshman year of highschool. i moved around a lot and he stuck around. he loves jojo's bizarre adventure, he is constantly drawing, and he is into very interesting fashion styles.
  10. "what did you want to be when you were a child?" when i was in elementary school, i really wanted to be an ecologist. i think i would still enjoy that, honestly.
  11. "do you play any instruments or sing?" yes. i sing. i also mostly play keyboard and guitar, however i can play a decent amount of bass and drums.
  12. "do you have any pets?" technically, no. but my roommate has a cat named frank.
  13. "what is your sexual orientation?" i'm mostly attracted to females, however i'm open to the idea of being with another man. i know it's kind of a cliche, but i really am attracted to an interesting personality more than anything.
  14. "are you religious?" not really, no. i'm open to the possibility of a "god" (or "gods") existing, if there could be a decent amount of evidence to support it. even then, though, i'm not a big fan of organized religion in general. it's typically filled with many contradictions and it seems to promote a skewed vision of what love is / should look like. i believe that love does not equal fear and judgement, therefore i don't think i could support most religions -- even if they are "real".
  15. "what is your hogwarts house?" i've honestly never gotten into harry potter, but it's really obvious to anyone who knows me that i'm a ravenclaw.
  16. "have you ever been on a plane?" yes. twice. the first time, i was very young and i don't remember it at all. all i know is that i was travelling to mexico city because my father had gotten deported. recently, i flew to california to play drums for a show.

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